How to win a Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice is a simple and entertaining game that allows crypto enthusiasts to do more than trade with their bitcoin. However, these games have a layer of complexity when developing a betting strategy. Fortunately, many bitcoin gambling  strategies can help you win and manage your bankroll in any online crypto casino.

Strategies to win bitcoin dice

While most bitcoin dice enthusiasts play these games for fun, it wouldn’t be very entertaining if you keep losing. That’s why learning several strategies for wagering is crucial to your endeavor. Some of the strategies and tricks you can apply are:

Understand the odds and have fun 

With many Bitcoin casinos eliminating free spins in their offerings, you’ll be using your BTC to test how fun these games can be. However, you can decide to test your strategy with other low-value cryptos like Tron or EOS acceptable in leading crypto casinos. That’s because the games work the same way, but you won’t have to use your precious BTC to try out a game.

Understanding the odds is also important in any bitcoin casino, as it determines the amount of cash you walk away with. Fortunately, the more game testing you do in a bitcoin casino, the better you understand the odds and increase your chances of developing a solid winning strategy.

Note any Game Patterns

 As you roll the dice and shift from Roll Over to Roll Under, you’ll note several patterns in the game. Sometimes you’ll win for several rounds when you wager Roll Over and lose in the fourth or the fifth time and vice versa. That’s simply a classic example of some of the patterns you might see during a game if you pay close attention.

One of the patterns that have proven useful for many beginners is wagering a Roll Under after a week or two without playing in a bitcoin casino. You can also go back after several days and do the same thing, and you might also be lucky to walk away with several wins every month.

Using a Bitcoin Dice Betting Strategy

Once you fully understand the odds and learn how to note patterns, there are more strategies you can apply to increase your success. That includes using several betting systems that have also proven useful in other online casino games, such as:

  • The Martingale System

Many bitcoin dice players swear by this betting strategy’s success, though it doesn’t come without its cons. According to this wagering system, you get to wager the same amount again when you win a bet, but you double the amount if you lose.

Besides motivating you to win to avoid digging deeper into your bankroll, the idea is that you’ll fully recover your prior losses when you win a game. However, you might need an unlimited bankroll to keep playing, especially if you keep losing. Nonetheless, you get to reduce your stake whenever you win.

  • Paroli System

In this bitcoin dice wagering system, you start by staking the amount of your choice and double the bet when you win until you suffer a loss. However, if you’re on a winning streak and have several big wins, it’s time to consider tempering the bet.

Tempering the bet means you’ll have to start reducing your stake whenever you notice a series of consecutive wins or losses. 

  • Hybrid Strategy

If you think your dice rolling period will be a long splurge, contemplate doing a mix-and-match of the first three strategies mentioned. Try out one tactic for a couple of rolls and see if it works, but if it doesn’t, consider switching to another strategy. 

Where to test your Bitcoin Dice Strategy

Whether you’re trying to test a new Bitcoin dice strategy or want to have fun, you can always find a reputable casino on the internet. However, proper research is important before joining a bitcoin site. Most players also make the mistakes of focusing on benefits when choosing a site instead of checking the casino that guarantees fairness.

Bitcoin dice casinos can independently prove that their games are fair to all gamers respective of social or economic backgrounds. However, some sites choose to use trustworthy casino software suppliers to guarantee fairness to their players.

Bottom Line

Whenever you’re playing bitcoin dice games, apply these smart strategies, and watch your chances of success increase significantly. Please note that making betting decisions is your sole responsibility, and several factors might influence your choice while playing. For instance, players are known to get very emotional when playing high-stakes dice games, resulting in detrimental mistakes.

For beginners, looking for patterns should be among the first things to learn after joining a bitcoin casino site. You can start by joining a site with low-value cryptos, allowing you to check out the games and note patterns without the risk of suffering huge bitcoin losses.