Wild Viking

If you are a fan of roulette and a fan of table card games then Wild Viking is a game you will want to try. The premise of the game is roulette but instead of a wheel and a silver ball the outcome is decided by the drawing of playing cards. 

Wild Viking is played with a single deck of 54-playing cards (including the two jokers). The game is played on a wide expansive board where all 54 cards are splayed out, where they can be selected in the same way that numbered wells can be selected on the roulette wheel. 

As in roulette there are a wide range of side bets that can be selected in a game of Wild Viking. These include bets such as red or black, odd or even or card ranges such as aces, tens or queens.  As the game is decided by the draw of five playing cards you can even bet on likely poker hands being drawn.

You place all of your bets by the usual clicking methodology used in both blackjack and roulette. Once you have placed all of your bets you press the deal button and the dealer draws five cards from the deck.

The final card that is drawn, acts in the same way as the silver ball nominating a well in roulette. If the last card is one of the two jokers, all bets lose, except for a Wild Viking bet, the Poker Bets and the Progressive Bets. The combination of the five cards determines the result of any poker bets and progressive bets made.

The first and last card determines the outcome of the Wild Viking bet.

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