Poker – The Odds of Success

Why do they make school so boring? Take math for example. Why are they teaching us about hypotenuse triangles and Pythagoras Theorem? Why not teach us how to play poker instead? 

Seriously, come on, how much fun would it have been to learn odds and probability by playing poker instead of reciting a textbook?

You see, without an understanding of odds and probability, success in poker is going to be scant. You may do well in the short-term, but it’s the long term where the money is earned, and you are going to have to understand basic math to reap long-term success.

Imagine you are the recipient of some Aladdin-type Genie wishes. You would probably want to know what cards are going to hit the board, what cards your opponent is holding, and what reactions they are going to have on each street. 

Unfortunately, Aladdin does not hang around the poker table because his magic carpet will not sit still. So, you have to make do with incomplete information, and this is where the math comes in.

With a good knowledge of odds and probability, you can use math to gauge how likely it is that certain cards will appear on the board or not, how probable it is that your opponent will be holding certain hands, and even how likely they are to react when game theory is applied.

Being a math whizz will not guarantee you success – nor will collecting your Poker Bonus. But having both on your side will really improve your game.