Seven Card Stud Poker

f you play poker, and enjoy Texas Hold’em, then Seven Card Stud will be well worth a try. Indeed, while both games share similar strategies, the latter has a much lower standard of opposition. 

The mechanics of Seven Card Stud are relatively simple, but if you want to be successful, you need to develop excellent powers of memory and recall. One of the fundamental tenets of Stud games is that you need to be able to track which cards have been dealt. 

Before the betting starts, each player is dealt three cards: two face down and one face up. At this point, the person with the lowest up card is required to post the bring-in, which is similar to the blinds in Texas Hold’em. 

From this point, the action moves round the table in a clockwise direction, with players choosing to either fold, call the minimum bet, or raise. Note, in general, Stud poker is a limit game. However, you can also find pot limit and no limit versions of the game. 

Once all the bets have been settled on the first round, the remaining players are dealt another card face up. The same betting mechanics occur, and a fourth card is then dealt. This process continues until seven cards have been dealt; the only variation in this is that the final card is dealt face down. 

The aim of the game in Seven Card Stud is to make the best five card poker hand and scoop the pot. Additionally, you can also win the money in the middle, if you force everyone else to fold. 

The reason it is an advantage to have a strong memory is that by tracking the dead cards you can not only work out the chances of improving your hand, but also work out which hands your opponents could have.

The poker world has a lot more to offer than just No Limit Texas Hold’em. Indeed, if you are looking for a game where the players are not as strong, then Seven Card Stud is a good place to start.

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